Strømme Visuals


Springbrættet - Commercial

Ungdomsøen Aftermovie 

Official aftermovie for the new island for young people in Copenhagen. 

Oliver Skou-Due (3:4)

Gustav Aske Sønksen (4:4)

The latest portrait in the docu series about young people's passions. This time it´s focused on Gustav and his desire for conducting.

Shot on location in Stockholm.

Runner: Cæcilie Aagård

License to Kill | SAG Bigband 

Filmed by Rumle Kjær and Mads Strømme

Produced by Mads Strømme


In this video, I portrayed Maria, who loves painting, but is also confused about the different paths to follow in life. 
The portrait is included in my small series about young people's passions. 


Essens; Ted-talk education material for YMCA in Denmark. 

Produced by Mads Strømme

Second photo: Aske Salling

I´ve had the honor of producing a small lovely session with Oliver Skou-Due and Lukas Loeb. 

Production, camera, instruction and edit: Mads Strømme

Grip and 1.AC: Sebastian Wongvisutikul

Locationdesign and runner: Cæcilie Christiansen 

Sound: Bjarke Mathiasen 

Location: Gustav Sønksen

Mark Bloch

First portrait in the series about young people's passions.

In this portrait, I followed Mark in his everyday life as a car mechanic. 

Internal production for the danish national newspaper; Politiken. 

Filmed in the lovely big hall at Aarhus University 

Sankt Annæ Gymnasium - Requiem.

A protest video against cuts in the education system. 600 students from Sankt Annæ Gymnasium sang for a difference. 

Produced by: Mads Strømme 

Organized by: Signe Vestergaard

Sound department: Bjarke Mathiasen and Leander Christy. 

Post-sound: Marius Basløv

Commercial for Sankt Annæ Gymnasium | 2017

Produced by Mads Strømme

Organized by Miriam Kuhlmann 

SAG BIGBAND | I´ve Got You Under My Skin | 

Apartment sessions with SAG Bigband. 

SAG Bigband | Mack the knive 

Live on tape concerts at the Jazzhouse, Copenhagen. 


Sankt Annæ Musical (Sagshow) is every year, the thing the students look most forward to. A musical produced only by students, which includes massive budgets and over 300 students attending.

| My passion for surf | 

A small portrait of Jeppe and his passion for windsurfing. 


This is a documentary about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It follows students from a boarding school, in their travel in Palestine. 

Dronevideo | Korsika 2016

Mellem Linjerne 8:8

Educationfilms for YMCA in DK. This is the 8. episode out of 8 episodes. 

Closing film for Midtsjællands boarding school 2015.

A skiing film produced for Midtsjællands boardingschool. 

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